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6 week Class Series


If you love what you've learned, you can choose to continue through the 6-week series of classes.

2 Full Day Experiential Women's Retreat "Remembering You"


If after the class you feel the need to be renewed and rejuvenated as a woman/wife/mother attend this retreat.

What I do

Certified Body Code Practitioner and PSYCH-K Facilitator


These 2 powerful tools help you get your thoughts and emotions aligned with what you truly want to feel and experience in life. 

Personalized Mentoring


This customized 12-week mentoring program is your greatest asset in experiencing the fastest, lasting results you are hoping for. 

Group Classes & Trainings


Through a variety of fun, engaging classes increase awareness of why you experience  struggles and gain tools to improve them.  

A Bit About Me and My Work


In the fall of 2013 I began a personal journey of discovery, learning just why I wasn't as happy as I thought I should be, considering the blessed lifestyle I enjoyed. I've acquired much training in a variety of areas since then, gaining tools that continue to shift my mind, heart, and soul to even higher levels. In those early years I came to truly love and accept myself for who I am. This led to improving my relationships with my younger children still living at home as well as my adult married children. Most significant to me, however, was the miraculous healing of my marriage. After years of heart-ache and despair, thinking that our marriage would never be truly happy, I was able to shift and create it into one of greater love, peace, joy and unity. I am a different person now than I was a few short years ago, waking up happy and at peace with each new day! What a great way to live and experience life!

Over the years I have helped lift 100's of lives sharing what I have gained.

I am a skilled and proficient certified EMOTION CODE and BODY CODE practitioner, PSYCHE-K facilitator, PERSONAL MENTOR, and engaging group presenter and TRAINER. With years of experience and continuously ongoing education and study, I specialize in custom fitting my programs to each of my clients individual needs to achieve their specific desired results.

BODY CODE allows me to identify and remove imbalances in the body that may lead to mental, emotional, and physical stress that can cause inner turmoil, feelings of anxiousness, sadness, fear, etc., or even physical challenges. Negative trapped emotions can act like sludge in our systems that interferes with the proper function of our amazing bodies and minds. The most common words I hear from my clients mouths after a session are, "I feel so much lighter!" They often say they can think more clearly and most of those with physical suffering tell me they notice significant relief.

PSYCH-K allows a person to easily transform beliefs that 'limit' them into beliefs that 'support' them in their goals and desire for happiness. Most of our life is run by subconscious programs created in early childhood. These limited programs, or beliefs, form our perception of ourselves, others, and the world around us. From these perceptions we develop certain behaviors, many of which are self-defeating. My clients claim that in using this tool, they are noticing positive changes in their thoughts, approach, and feelings about prior challenges and are able to move forward more easily and naturally.

PERSONALLY MENTORING with me is the most significant, positively life changing experience I offer. I combine the most impactful and applicable tools and training a person needs into one powerfully personalized program. With a defined plan of action, clear understanding of the truths and laws impacting their lives, the release of heavy emotional baggage and imbalances from their bodies and minds, newly programmed positive beliefs, and taking simple daily steps towards their desired outcome with me personally accessible throughout their entire 3-month journey, my mentoring clients quickly propel themselves forward in remarkable ways. They leave me with personal testimonials of how they are equipped with greater ability to handle situations more positively, experiencing greater success in their goals, and that their individual lives have been changed for the better. 

TRAINING CLASSES come from my desire to touch as many people's lives as possible in helping them become more awake and aware of why things may not be going so well. In each class I teach powerful truths and laws of success and happiness to increase peoples understanding and knowledge. Knowledge is power. Then I teach simple tools that can be easily used in daily life to improve the way things currently are. Those who attend my classes say they come away inspired and motivated to do and be better with increased hope they can experience greater happiness and success.

I am in the business of helping people discover and access the power they have within themselves to create the life they want, while giving them a foundation and tools to carry on long after our paths have crossed. There is nothing better than waking up happy and grateful for each new day, knowing you are directing your own life while observing your natural, positive impact on other's happiness around you.

Offered Services

Packages and Pricing



  • Body Code sessions and packages
  • PSYCH-K sessions and packages
  • Combination BC & PK packages
  • Personalized Mentoring          12 week Package
  • Resonating Relationships       12 week Body Code Program
  • Wealth, Abundance & Success 8 week Body Code Program

Classes Offered



  • Young singles 16+ to learn why things may not be the way you'd like and how you can change it to live happier lives
  • Mother's parallel class taught to youth to support you in your desire to help your children live happier lives
  • Married couples to strengthen your relationship and help you lift and empower each other

Invite me to Speak



  • to help inspire youth to recognize their great worth and power to create the life they want. 
  • to lift women in recognizing their personal worth and innate power to influence all around them for good.
  • to inspire married couples in seeing the gift and power of their differences. 


W Clegg

 In January 2017 I was facing some very difficult situations with my extended family and was stressed out all of the time. My anxiety was out of control. I went to one of Suzanne's workshops and signed up to have her start mentoring me. Through energy healing and the tools she gave me to work through these difficult issues, my life has changed drastically. I am calmer and have tools to help me work through the challenges I face. Suzanne was so supportive and encouraging as I made changes in my life. This mentoring Suzanne provided helped me also to have stronger relationships with my family. I have a beautiful life and I love it! Thanks Suzanne! 

L Bjork

 I turned to Suzanne not because I wanted, but because I felt drawn by a compelling force. How grateful I am that I followed that inspiration. She teaches true principles that opened my understanding and awakened me to a sense of my own power and responsibility to change and improve. These principles work and have changed my life for the better. I was in a very dark place emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I assumed that my lot in life was to endure in that place for the rest of my life, but I was wrong. There is something better. There is love, joy and peace. There is healing. If you get the chance to hear Suzanne speak, teach a class, or to have her work with you in person as a mentor...take it! It is time and money well invested. 

M Ackerman

 I have known Suzanne for years, and she has always impressed me, but about a year ago I saw in her an increased strength, happiness and confidence. She literally glowed! All of these things inspired me to make an appointment with her. I have met with Suzanne many times now, and the work we have done, both in emotion code and mentoring, have benefited me greatly! I feel stronger, and freed from so much emotional "baggage" that I didn't even know I was still carrying! I feel so much more confident in moving forward in my life, armed with some amazing tools! Suzanne is so good at what she does. She is sharp, efficient, compassionate, and armed with so much amazing knowledge! 

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